Choose among our highly selected families and travel with small budget

If you are a flexible person, with a good childcare experience, we would love to help you becoming an au pair in one of our families. We have au pair placements available in France, England, Spain, Italy and Australia. All our families are highly selected for your safety and an amazing au pair stay.



An au pair stay is a cultural exchange, allowing candidates willing to practice their english (or another language) at reasonable cost to learn while living in a family abroad. The au pair girl (or male au pair), will get full board and lodging, and a weekly refund of expenses. She/he will take care of children and do some domestic tasks. The majority of our au pair placements in the UK are based in London (or surroundings). We have also families in France, Spain, Italy and Australia.


The best periods to find a family and to become an au pair will be september and january. However there are families available and looking for an au pair all year round.


Here below the conditions of an au pair stay:


  • Full board and lodging.

  • Single room and shared bathroom.

  • Refund of expenses: minimum £70 per week, and £80 if you are placed as an au pair in London. (200 AUS$ in Australia on average).

  • In charge of the children and of some housework, from 25 to 30 hours per week (more hours in Australia, paid more). The au pair will also babysit the children once or twice per week.

  • 1,5 to 2 days off per week.

  • Families carefully selected by our accredited local agents in Europe and in Australia.

  • Families commited and sure they would like to hire an au pair. Cancellation risks are very limited. In any cases, our au pair agency will be able to find you another suitable family as quick as possible.

  • Departures all year round.

  • Cultural immersion and security within a family abroad.

  • Placement with full board and lodging, 100% guaranteed before your departure.

  • Help with your application file and at any stage of your placement procedure.

  • Access to our private network of au pairs.

  • Assistance during the whole duration of your stay abroad !

  • 6h30: Wake-up.

  • 7h00: Breakfast and prepare children for school.

  • 8h00: Direction to school.

  • 9h00: Back home. Tidying up the kitchen and bedrooms.

  • 11H00: Starting language course.

  • 13h00: End of language classe.

  • 13h15: Lunch with friends.

  • 15h00: Pick the children up.

  • 15h30: Activities in the park and snack.

  • 16h30: Help with homework.

  • 18h00: Bath time.

  • 18h30: Play with the children.

  • 19h00: Parents are back home. Free time.


The best periods to become an au pair are september and january. It's important you can stay until the end of the school year, which means the end of june or july, depending on countries. Departures for Australia can be made all year round for 6 to 12 months.

  • 18 to 27 years old.

  • EU nationality.

  • Minimum 100 hours of childcare experience, that we can check with non-family references.

  • Available for a minimum of 4 months (2 months for summer placements), and until the end of june or july for Europe (no specific end date for Australia).

  • Minimum Pre-Intermediate english level (or spanish / italian depending on the chosen destination).

  • Flexible, patient, high interest for children, easy to live with and able to adapt quickly to another culture.

  • Driver: if possible. Some families will not require a driver.




400 €

450 €
360 €

We recommend you send your full application file as soon as you can. We are often able to place our candidates quickly so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Not sure this is the right program abroad for you ? Feel free to review all our programs abroad.

"Thanks Work Overseas ; everything is going well with my family. They are great and warm. On top of that, regarding my internship, everything is also going very well. I thank you for your speed, professionalism and monitoring during my departure and throughout the stay. " Rayane E, April 2019


Rayane participated to the program - internship in England – thanks to our work and travel placement agency Work Overseas.

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