Discover our tailor-made Jobs & Internships abroad: placement fees due only when your travel
has been organized!

Not matching with our guaranteed programs abroad? Enjoy the possibility to go abroad without any commitment thanks to our Freedom Program.


Who is this offer for?

To all those who wish to go to work abroad, do an internship abroad, or become an au pair and who:

  • do not necessarily need to be 100% sure they will get a placement confirmed before their departure.

  • do not have the profile to participate to any of our guaranteed programs abroad.

  • have not found what they were looking at amount our guaranteed programs and need a tailor-made service.


In this case we will conduct tailor-made research for you.

This formula is open to all (from 18 years old, all nationalities accepted).


What does this option include?

Start Package:


  • Work on your resume and cover letter, tailored to the desired destination with PDF file you can use for another job search.

  • Price: 150 euros (non-refundable - to be paid when booking a skype appointment).


Search for your investment abroad:


  • After a phone interview, we prospect the companies on your behalf.

  • Invoiced at placement confirmation stage.

  • Price: 500 euros (from - according to complexity request - estimate sent after interview - not invoiced in case of placement not confirmed and without any commitment - invoiced before departure).

This service does not include:


  • Coaching interviews.

  • Visa / immigration assistance.

  • Accommodation booking.

  • On-site assistance.


Optional services:


  • Short test interview in English / French (duration 20 minutes): 75 euros.

  • Booking of accommodation abroad (excluding rental fees): 150 euros.

  • Visa assistance (telephone consultation and report): 200 euros.

Choose your destination and realize your project thanks to the Freedom Offer Program!

"Thanks Work Overseas ; everything is going well with my family. They are great and warm. On top of that, regarding my internship, everything is also going very well. I thank you for your speed, professionalism and monitoring during my departure and throughout the stay. " Rayane E, April 2019


Rayane participated to the program - internship in England – thanks to our work and travel placement agency Work Overseas.

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