Discover Bournemouth 90 min from London

For a cheap and quality language stay!

On the South coast of England, Bournemouth is a seaside resort with a pleasant living environment. An ideal city for a language stay while visiting the region and enjoying less expensive accommodation than in London.


Work Overseas organizes your English language course in England (Bournemouth), 90 minutes far away from London. We work in partnership with the school of English called English 2000, accredited by the British Council. Our team have visited it to ensure about its quality. We selected it for its good results, as well as for its excellent value for money. This way, we can offer to you an affordable language stay. The school is located in the heart of Bournemouth, a popular destination for both vacationers and students. You will discover beautiful beaches and many places to visit. The city is very easy to reach from London, and the cost of living is more reasonable.


Our partner school offers a language course with quality courses, taught by qualified and experienced teachers, so that you can improve your English quickly. You will enjoy spacious classrooms, a garden, a lounge area with reading area. Outings are also organized regularly in Bournemouth, Bath, Oxford, London ... 98.6% of students who have registered to a language stay in Bournemouth with our partner English school have been satisfied with their stay!


This language course will train you to oral comprehension, expression, reading, writing and grammar. All sessions include exam preparation. The course material is provided by the school (CDs, school books, ...).


Students can also access a weekly "private lesson" session to review desired points and correct some exercises


Conditions of the language course: 


  • Maximum 16 students per class.

  • Accredited School for Cambridge Exam.

  • General (20 lessons - 15 hrs) - Intensive (30 lessons - 22.5 hrs).

  • Courses available:  Standard (maximum 16 per class) - Premium (maximum 6 per class) - One to One (private lessons).

  • In host family, single or shared room, half board included.

  • In university residence, available in summer (July and August only), without meals.

  • Accommodation are regularly controlled by our partner school of English.

  • Located 15 to 60 minutes far away from the school.


Departures are possible all year round, for a duration of choice (minimum 2 weeks). As our language stays are in highly requested, especially during summer time, the earliest you will register, the best choice of accommodation solutions you will get.


The school is closed each end of the year (end of December to beginning of January).

  • Aged minimum 18 years old.

  • EU nationality mandatory.


  • July and August rates:

  • Shared room, homestay, no meals: £ 90 per week.

  • Single room, homestay, no meals: £ 100 per week.

  • Shared room, homestay, half board: £ 135 per week.

  • Single room, host family, half board: £ 165 per week.

  • Single room, university dorm, without meals: £ 150 per week.

  • Accommodation full board not available (meals taken in company).

  • Non-summer rates:

  • Shared room, homestay, no meals: £ 90 per week.

  • Single room, homestay, no meals: £ 100 per week.

  • Shared room, host family, half board: £ 115 per week.

  • Single room, homestay, half board: £ 145 per week.

  • University residence available only in summer (July and August)

  • Accommodation full board not available.

  • Currency conversion can be done on Decreasing rates from 16 weeks. For a linguistic stay over 16 weeks please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

  • 20 lessons of 45 minutes.

  • Compulsory supplement: £ 85 (school registration);

  • General English - 20 lessons per week (15 hours): £ 105.

  • Intensive English - 30 lessons per week (22.5 hours): £ 155.

  • Premier English - 20 lessons per week (15 hours - max 6 per class): £ 380.

  • Premier English - 30 lessons per week (2.55 h - max 6 per class): £ 425

  • One to One - 20 lessons per week (15 hours - private lessons): £ 750.

  • One to One - 30 lessons per week (22.5 h - private lessons): £ 1060.


  • General English - 20 cours par semaine (15 h) : 105 £.

  • Intensive English - 30 cours par semaine (22,5 h) : 155 £.


  • Premier English - 20 cours par semaine (15 h - max. 6 par classe) : 380 £.

  • Premier English - 30 cours par semaine (2,55 h - max. 6 par classe) : 425 £.


  • One to One - 20 cours par semaine (15 h - cours particuliers) : 750 £.

  • One to One - 30 cours par semaine (22,5 h - cours particuliers) : 1060 £.


  • Currency conversion can be done on



  • Travel: between 50 and 200 €

  • Some pocket money for daily expenses (£ 3 to £ 5 for a lunch, around £ 15 for a Bournemouth-London round trip).



Registration to our programs can be done online. Please download below guidelines, follow them carefully and send us your online registration file for a language stay in England at least 2 weeks before your desired start date.


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"Thanks Work Overseas ; everything is going well with my family. They are great and warm. On top of that, regarding my internship, everything is also going very well. I thank you for your speed, professionalism and monitoring during my departure and throughout the stay. " Rayane E, April 2019


Rayane participated to the program - internship in England – thanks to our work and travel placement agency Work Overseas.

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