Get a job paid 1200 AUS$ per month + free accommodation before departure!

Far from cities and beaches, live an unforgettable experience and discover the Australian countryside. Work Overseas organizes your job in Australia, on a farm.


A full program with paid work (at least $ 300 a week), free accommodation and orientation upon arrival.


Work Overseas organizes your farm job in Australia, your accommodation and helps you taking care of all administration matters. Leave safely!


On arrival, enjoy 9-day training program including:


  • Welcome at Brisbane International Airport.

  • Transport to youth hostel.

  • First night in Brisbane.

  • Bus ride (Friday morning) to Rainbow Beach, to discover here:

  • Lunch and shopping at Springbrook Farm.

  • Administrative assistance: Tax File, bank ...

  • 3 days at Rainbow Beach. Relaxation, beach, surf and sun with participants from all over the world!

  • Monday morning: transport to the farm school: 5 days with full board.

  • On agenda: horse, driving tractors and motorcycles, maintenance of agricultural vehicles, safety instructions ...).

  • During this time, the best for you will be given (you are guaranteed to get a job with housing).

  • Departure to your farm for the start of farm work in Australia! (last trip at your expense, the rest is included in the program fees).


Participants to this program will then:


  • Get a job on job in a farm or riding stable: 40 to 45 hour per week on average.

  • Get paid at least $AUS 300 per week.

  • Work in a farm or riding stable around 40 to 45 hours per week on average (possible overtime, paid or recovered).

  • On leave 1 to 2 days a week.



  • Get paid 300 to 350 AUS per week. 100% guaranteed.

  • Free housing on or around the farm.

  • Possible departures all year round.

  • Departure date set in less than a week.

  • Professional experience is not mandatory

  • Local office in Brisbane at your disposal.

  • Meet up with our agents upon arrival at Brisbane Airport.

  • 9-day arrival package, including hostel accommodation, assistance and internet access.

  • Shopping at Springbook (proper outfits).

  • Welcome gifs: welcome lunch, t-shirt, bottle of water and hat offered!

  • Discounts via our partners: buses and trains in Australia, guides, boat, diving, rafting and other activities.

  • Tax File support and opening a bank account.

  • Booklet of information before departure.

  • Get help and advice about your flight, visa, insurance and everything you need help for.

  • Everything is done for you to get a farm job placement: work on your CV and cover letter, tips for interviews, and active searches for you.

  • Assistance for the duration of your stay in Australia!

  • Stable work.

  • Horse care.

  • All agricultural work.

  • Driving agricultural machinery.

  • Conduct and surveillance of livestock on horseback or motorbikes.


Departures take place all year, for an average duration of 3 to 12 months. The visa will be granted for a period of 6 months, renewable on the spot.


Your job in Australia can be organized in just a few days, as well as your accommodation.

  • 18 to 30 years old.

  • Driving license and experience are mandatory.

  • Upper intermediate or advanced english level.

  • French citizen or eligible to Work Holiday visa for Australia.

  • Valid passport for the whole duration and up to 6 months after the end of your stay in Australia.

  • Available from 3 to 12 months.

  • Flexible, hardworking and not afraid of work.

150 €
2399 AUSS
Conversion on
  • Return flight: between 1000 and 1500 €.

  • Visa: around € 250.

  • You may think about having some money for various expenses upon arrival, about $ 1,000 (trips, shopping ...).

  • You will get free accommodation and a minimum wage of AUS300$ per week so you can refund quickly your initial investment for this program!


You can register online. Please feel free to download guidelines and submit your application as soon as you are ready.

Not sure this is the right program abroad for you? Feel free to review all our programs abroad.

"Thanks Work Overseas ; everything is going well with my family. They are great and warm. On top of that, regarding my internship, everything is also going very well. I thank you for your speed, professionalism and monitoring during my departure and throughout the stay. " Rayane E, April 2019


Rayane participated to the program - internship in England – thanks to our work and travel placement agency Work Overseas.

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